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The 6,000,000 BTU VGDS6 powerfuloo enough to heat 100 homes

Greenhouse Gas Displacement System

A Biomass Fired Heating System to help you do

your part to meet

the Kyoto Accord guidelines



1BTU= heat required to heat 1 pound of water

1 degree F


Heat values for various types of

biomass Energy Calculations

Biomass CFM


Manitoba Energy Development Initiative

Energy in Canada

Switchgrass as a Biofuel

NREL Biomass

Dr Eric Bibeau U of M Biomass Production

Pioneer Steel Buildings

Gasification: Truths, Myths & Opportunities Conference Proceedings

See if you qualify for refund of 40 percent of the purchase and installation of a qualifying system, up to a maximum refund of $80,000 from REDI


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